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Open Innovation

Open Innovation is a movement that allows companies to effectively source innovation from the open market. It has been an effective approach used by companies throughout Europe and the United States and has allowed companies to accelerate the rate at which they innovate, without increasing their risk.

Open Innovation has been effective where companies have acknowledged that:

  • The market is well placed to guide and inform their own needs
  • The internal resources, environment and existing policies and procedures are limiting when it comes to innovation
  • The ability to innovate from within a company’s own walls has limitations, and a fresh “set of eyes” is essential to the success of innovation
  • There significant benefits and opportunities to innovate through cross-licensing and technology brokering within an industry or with other industries

Innovateur is able to assist with the development of an Open Innovation program that meets your needs and goals. We have access to world-class research and academics who have helped global companies to open their doors to innovation.