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Market Research & Validation

Innovateur strongly advocates undertaking proper market research prior to commencing any new development project. Without a firm understanding of the current state of solutions, there is an increased risk of commercialisation failure, IP infringement and wasted time and resources. The same way you would research a street or suburb before buying a house or read reviews before buying a car, one should research the market before developing any new solutions.

We use advanced search methods and technological solutions to cast the net out wide. This gives our clients comfort that they’re hypothetical solution is novel and unique, meaning they are on the front line of innovation and industry pioneers instead of playing catch up with competitors.

Undertaking comprehensive market research can springboard the development efforts by widening the perspective on the problem at hand, which can also improve the solution.

In addition, we are able to help you validate whether or not a solution has commercial merit. This is not only done through desktop analysis but using real feedback from industry and the market.