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Napkin to the World in 6 Steps

Napkin to the World in 6 Steps

Research the market

Innovation begins with researching the market like you would when buying a new house or car. It is essential to identify the benefits of existing products, and pinpoint where they fall short. Explore the features and issues plaguing current products. What are the pain points?


Identify the gap and start solving

Identify the problem and optioneer different solutions. Lead with the benefit before adding in essential and 'nice to have' features. Evaluate the options and go with the best.


Begin with the


Pictures, Punchline and the Pitch sheet. Capture the benefits of the solution on a page with many visuals, focussed around a punchline that is quick and easy to understand. This is your MVP and validation tool.


Select, Protect and Submit

Select potential licensees, protect your intellectual property then submit the product to them. The chances of your product going to market increase several folds by using the right criteria to choose a licensee. This is Innovateur's area of expertise.


Follow with the 3Cs

Champion, Create and Close. Build a relationship with a Champion who will sell the idea for you internally. Make them a prototype. Close the deal.


Rinse &


Stick to what you do best and go back to the drawing board to solve the next world problem. With Innovateur, we'll help you focus on what you love by monetising your hard work and creative solution by taking care of the rest. 

At Innovateur, we encourage innovators to follow 6 steps to bring an idea to the market.