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Licensing is one of the primary ways to monetise intellectual property. While the subject of a license agreement is typically a utility patent, licensing can also involve design patents, trademarks, copyright, proprietary knowledge and industry know-how.

Many confuse licensing with the sale of IP – it’s more like a lease, in this case for the rights to use, distribute, manufacture and sell products that use the IP.

The benefit of licensing comes from leverage – an IP holder can leverage the skills, knowledge, market share and distribution channels of the licensee and receive ongoing royalties for this exchange.

Innovateur can assist with the development of licensing opportunities or “licensee prospecting”, and also provides guidance with the commercial, non-legal negotiations with pragmatic advice. This includes advice on royalty structuring, minimum performance guarantees, commercial risks and considerations and positioning and packaging the intellectual property to extract maximum value from any license deal.

We can also assist companies wishing to source technology with establishing an in-licensing program.