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Government Grants & Funding

The Australian Government is encouraging investment in innovation as it is a key area that will drive our economy – effectively replacing the resource boom that has now ended. One of the best grants available is the Export Market Development Grant.

The Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) can help you recoup 50% of applicable expenses related to the exportation of goods and services outside of Australia (including the export of IP!). The program is run by the Australian Government department Austrade, and encourages Australian’s to export to overseas markets.

Innovateur is a registered EMDG consultant, for good reason as it is our favourite government grant program aligned with the services we provide.

EMDG is particularly appealing to inventors, startups and entrepreneurs as the grant can support IP registration costs incurred outside of Australia, such as patent applications and trademark applications. It also covers expenses including:

  • Costs to engage an overseas representative
  • Marketing consultants and foreign market research costs
  • Communication costs
  • Cost of free samples
  • Tradeshow attendance costs and registration fees
  • Seminar and in-store promotion costs
  • International travel costs (including airfares, accommodation, entertainment and living expenses)
  • Costs associated with bringing to Australia an international buyer
  • Website development
  • Advertising
  • Promotional videos and brochures

As we have a presence in Singapore, all assistance provided to enter this market are automatically covered by the EMDG!

Innovateur provides a number of the applicable services and therefore we can help you claim these under the EMDG. Please contact us for more information.

For more details on expenses that fall under the EMDG, click here for the Austrade Website.