A person that uses innovation to create new market opportunities and commercial value.

Innovateur helps companies grow by sourcing 
new ideas, innovations and technologies 
from the Asia-Pacific Region.

Our focus is to accelerate solutions to real problems in the market 
by helping you access IP from our strong network of inventors,
startups, researchers and SMEs.


Our Corporate Services for large companies and global organisations include:

Our Solution Services for inventors, startups, research institutions and SMEs include:

About Us

The Innovateur seed was planted in February 2015, following a community event in Sydney, Australia. Innovateur Weekend was aimed at helping industrial designers, inventors and entrepreneurs develop and launch a new consumer product in 48 hours - an invention "hackathon". The success of the event came with demand for product development and commercialisation help which led to our firm being incorporated in July 2015.

During our first year of operation, we soon realised that the innovation ecosystem we faced was broken and with serious flaws. We witnessed companies investing poorly in R&D and failing to innovate, and a startup culture flooding the world, creating an enormous supply of new ventures that fail to solve real problems. Every man, woman and dog is now an entrepreneur, but only a few are creating real value by solving valid problems. 

As a result, in 2016 we formed a new mission: to create an innovation ecosystem where stakeholders are aligned and can effectively collaborate. 
We are actively developing channels to accelerate the import and export of IP from the Asia Pacific region, and we're exploring and spreading innovation best-practice to ensure that the best solutions can serve those that need them the most. 

If you believe in our vision and can contribute to making it a reality, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Quick Stats

73 %

Patents help companies raise on average 73% more funding.

4 x

Companies are 4x more likely to IPO successfully when they own a patent.

200 %

Your company is 200% more likely to go bankrupt without IP.

3400 Patents

Companies are 4x more likely to IPO successfully when they own a patent.

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