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IP Strategy & Patenting Advice

We are in a new era where labour tasks are being automated, physical assets are becoming cheaper to acquire and mined resources are having a negative impact on our planet. However, new solutions, information and know-how are driving trade and a new wave of market opportunities.

Intellectual property (IP) assets are growing in importance as we move towards the future and they have the potential to drive a new economy. New discoveries, inventions and ideas can form new business models and disrupt industries and they have the power to engage consumers on a whole new level.

Therefore it is important to consider how IP is used not only to protect intellectual property, but enable a new economy and unlock value as part of your business model.

Innovateur can provide practical advice on developing a commercially sound IP strategy that helps you to leverage your IP as an asset that can go to work for you. We can help you determine the right IP to register that meets your budget and risk profile, and aligns with your business model and vision. We have sufficient knowledge of patents and the patent system to provide you expert guidance.

Our strength is that we are not IP attorneys, but instead innovateurs: we understand the commercial risks and rewards of IP assets, and we understand that there is greater value in commercialising a monopoly asset as opposed to policing against infringement. We don’t sell fear and we don’t charge like lawyers!