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Invention Branding & Marketing

In most cases, designers, scientists, engineers, inventors and even research institutions develop a new product or technology that they expect will “sell itself”. This happens in some cases, but a large proportion of intellectual property goes cold and gets shelved when funding or time runs out.

In many cases, tens of thousands of dollars have been spent getting to this point, with a large proportion ending up as a sunk investment.

This is understandable as the creator does not typically have the skills, industry knowledge or commercial understanding to bring the IP to market. This is where Invention Branding and Marketing is required.

Innovateur is hands-on with invention branding and marketing and we believe clear communication of benefits is a weakness for many inventors across the world. We’ve been rejected ourselves hundreds of times which has allowed us to refine and identify what works and what doesn’t.

We package the IP in a way that has commercial relevance and appeal – in particular to executive decision makers and critical contacts.